Book Review: America’s Favorite Flies

We’ve had the pleasure of reading through this collection over the past few weeks and couldn’t recommend it any more highly!

America’s Favorite Flies is a collection of stories and flies from people who have had a historical impact on the world of fly fishing. Anglers, writers, politicians, celebrities and otherwise have all contributed. Whatever differences these people may have off the water, at the end of the day they are all dependent in one way or another on the value and preservation of America’s river systems. Some notable people featured in the book are President Jimmy Carter, authors James Prosek and Tom McGuane, Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard (who famously fished an entire year with just one fly), casting legend Joan Wulff, and over 200 more!

It’s also worth nothing that this is not a book of celebrities. Of the 224 flies featured in the book, the vast majority are from trout bums and guides. Without them, the book (which is 656 pages and weighs as much as a New Zealand brown trout) would have been a pamphlet!

Dedicated to Norman MacLean, author of the book that changed it all – A River Runs Through It – this book includes forewords and blessings by his children Jean Snyder Maclean and John N. Maclean.

Also sprinkled throughout the book are “Gallery” sections, highlighting artwork from well-known sporting artists and photographers. Even further, 100% of the profits from the sale of this book go to The James River Association and the Native Fish Society! What more do you want in a fly fishing book?

You can pick one up here, as well as a poster of America’s Favorite Flies!

The book is written by John Bryan and Rob Carter, with an introduction by Jason Borger, special contributions by David Watterworth, and photography by John Henley.