The Pain Forest: Seasons of Steelhead in the PNW

Joey Mara from Waist Deep Media sent in this great video of a season of steelheading in the Pacific Northwest. With lots of missed fish and just as many landed, it does a great job of capturing what it’s like out there in the pain forest! I’ll let him take it from here:

“Steelheading in the PNW is not a casual endeavor. No rain, no pain, no gain out here. Good whiskey becomes your best friend through the hard times and heals the heartbreak instilled by the ones that got away. An entire spectrum of emotions can be felt in an instant. It’s the best, it’s the worst, and it consumes you. Welcome to the Pain Forest.”

FILM/EDIT: Joey Mara
MUSIC: Axel Thresleff “Bad Karma”
INVESTORS: “Possibly you!!”

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