Double Delphi: The Rise and Fall of a Fisherman’s Fantasy

Double Delphi: The Rise and Fall of a Fisherman’s Fantasy is the story of an Englishman’s venture to build two world class sporting lodges, one in Ireland and the second in the Bahamas. Peter Mantle tells us his tale with the classic wit that has attracted so many guests to his beautiful properties over the years, but also fills us in on all the details and behind the scenes drama that most guests can only guess at. The perils of salmon farming, the Royal family, a rampant fishing scam artist, gold prospectors, Bernie Madoff, the IRA – all these bizarre and unique adventures are explained throughout this fantastic book.

double delphi: the rise and fall of a fisherman's fantasy

I personally finished this book in two days. I’ve been getting Peter’s newsletter from Delphi Bahamas for years, and always looked forward to what is truly great writing. When the book came out, I was one of the first to place an order and I highly recommend it! This is the perfect read for anyone who has ever dreamed about what it might be like to be on the business and hospitality side of the sporting world. Some reviews for you:

“If Peter Mantle’s gripping Memoir, Double Delphi, The Rise and Fall of a Fisherman’s Fantasy, is really the story of a fantasy, this could only be in the sense that it originated in what had seemed to be an impossibly ambitious dream. However, the hard reality is that against all the odds − there were many − his beautiful fantasy came true and lasted through thick and thin − there was much of the latter − for over twenty years. His arresting story, told with pace and humour, is eclectic in its wide episodic range involving both the happy and the horrendous, associated with which were many interestingly varied people, and sometimes central to which were a few rather weird characters.”

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