Sight Line Provisions: Meet the Man Behind the Iconic Brand

If you follow a good amount of fly fishing stuff, chances are you’ve seen a Sight Line Provisions product before. It is one of those unique brands that has permeated the fishing industry, showing up on the wrists of the world’s best and most passionate anglers.

These products are finely hand made by Edgar Diaz in his workshop in Austin, Texas. I have yet to meet anyone who has a bad word to say about Edgar, or the designs he creates in his humble workshop. We sat down with Edgar to learn more about Sight Line Provisions and the man behind these great products.


First thing is first, what is Sight Line Provisions and how did it come about?

During a trip to Yellowstone with my family I asked my kids a few times “What’s in your Sight Line?” as I wanted to them to experience everything nature had to offer. At the time (2015), I had been making antique based high-end leather bracelets for about 5 years, Vintage Ware, and I wanted to make a leather bracelet that showed my love of the outdoors. Thus, the idea for Sight Line Provisions was born.

grayling slp

What is your “home pool”? Do you have a favorite place to fish or species that you spend your afternoons with?

I would consider the Guadalupe River, below Canyon Dam as my home waters. As the southern most trout fishery in the United States, I am able to hook into a rainbow from October to Early June and then fish for bass and sunfish during the Summer. I also have a low water crossing 5 minutes away from my house where I can mess around with small bluegill and hook into the occasional 15” bass.

bag sunfish

4 cuff sight line pro

One of the first things you notice about Sight Line Provisions is its connection to the outdoors beyond fishing, like with the Land and Air series. Was that something you were always interested in?

Well, Sight Line Provisions was founded as an outdoor inspired brand, so the initial collection of 5 designs included a Bear, Elk, Moose, and Bison. I love everything about the outdoors and I wanted to provide anyone with a tangible reminder of their time out in the field. I have to admit that my own personal love for fishing has influenced my designs and retailers (primarily Fly Shops), but I do try to redirect my efforts to design outdoor badges for the outdoor market.

Sight Line Provisions outdoor collection


Where do the materials for SLP products come from?

The origins of materials that make up our leather accessories will vary, due to availability. We only use premium leathers that come from South America, Mexico and the United States. Horween Leather (Chicago, IL) is our go to leather, as this company offers everything from full grain leathers to Premium Shell Cordovan. All our badges are designed in house and cut here in the States.

lost cast

mexican collection

Hard to say, but do you have a favorite item either to wear or to make?

Well… I have to be honest, my favorite piece to make is the one that is not planned. Creating a brand and the inventory needed to fill our orders can be pretty daunting and repetitive, but necessary. So my escape is to create my 1/1 Artist Editions. These pieces are all unique and original (and higher end), sometimes they sell in 5 minutes or they may sit on the website for 2 months. Either way, I am able to get creative and even come up with the inspiration for a new collection.

One of my favorite things about Sight Line Provisions is the Lost Cast collection. Can you tell us a bit more about what sets those products apart and how they are made?

So the last question leads us into the Lost Cast Collection! When I began Sight Line Provisions in 2015 I was only working with Steel, Laser Cut badges that offered me the opportunity to introduce this look to the outdoor market place. Once I realized that SLP was going to stick around, I decided to create a Lost Wax Casting of 2 of the Trout 2.0 steel badges. Making a mold of these 2 pieces stuck together would now allow me to make bronze, silver and even gold versions of this piece for anyone that wanted to have that pitted, jewelry grade look to their SLP Bracelet. I will say that having this option has elevated my brand and has allowed me to make some amazing pieces.

lost cast collection

trout shaka

What would be the ultimate bucket list trip for you?

Seychelles! Seychelles…Seychelles. Being a simple fly fisherman that has been able to fish some great locales (Abaco Lodge, Bahamas, San Juan River, NM, Unitas, UT) but when I heard first hand from our SLPROvisioner, Christiaan Pretorius, about fly fishing the Seychelles I have been obsessed with that place ever since. We now have Sight Line Provisions available at the Alphonse Fishing Co, so I guess that is a start.

sight line pro

jako gt slp

What’s next for Sight Line Provisions?

Aside from new Skinny designs and new badge designs coming out every quarter, I am really interested in creating a heritage collection that would combine my love for antiques and Sight Line Provisions. Each piece would be a one of a kind and probably would never be replicated again.

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