La Matera: Fly Fishing Inspired Apparel

I’m not sure why we don’t all move to Argentina. Fine wine, meat, skiing, surfing, and most importantly – fly fishing. There’s not a trout angler in the world that doesn’t have Patagonia on the bucket list. Legends of monster brown trout over ten pounds and rainbows that jump higher than tarpon continue to haunt those who have yet to make the pilgrimage. Just look at this article, A Fishing Trip to Patagonia Will Change Your Life. But for the Stroud brothers, Patagonia really did change their lives.

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It was during a trip to the chase these trout that brothers Alex and Brook Stroud encountered the Gaucho patterns that have made their brand, La Matera, such a success. The brothers bought belts from a Gaucho stand on the side of the road, which became emblematic of their time in Argentina. With a constant reminder of that trip strapped around his waist, it was no surprise that Alex returned to Argentina the following summer to work on a cattle ranch. There, he learned more about Gaucho lifestyle and hatched a plan to bring this inspiration back to the U.S..

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These Argentinean patterns have enamored anglers through their simple elegance and charm, qualities they share with their country of origin. With traditional patterns and design, La Matera offers the best in belts, watches, shade anchors, and wallets.

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