Return to Abundance: The Eel River

California’s Eel River used to be a healthy river teeming with wild salmon and steelhead, but has suffered in recent decades due to increased urbanization and resource extraction. The conservation group California Trout has mounted an effort to restore the river to its full potential, from the headwaters to the sea. Unlike many other western rivers, there are no hatcheries on the Eel River. This is a truly unique opportunity to restore full wild populations of fish to their native habitats.

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A film by:
Michael Wier

Curtis Knight

Original music score:
Art Hau

Austin Broder

Additional footage:
Shane Anderson
Pat Higgens
Jason Hartwick
Darren Meirau

Special thanks:
Tracy Diaz, Paul Vais, Mark Burk
And all partners of the Eel River Forum