Good As Ever: A Fly Fishing Life

A great film from 2016’s International Fly Fishing Film Festival, which is just starting to release full length films as the 2017 festival gets under way. In this one, professional photographer Nate Gunn explores his connection to fly fishing from the age of 12 onwards, and reflects on the ever-growing fraternity of fly fishing. Check out more from Outsmarting Fish (there’s a lot more!).

Written by Nate Gunn & Nate Leavitt
Produced by Nate Gunn & Nate Leavitt
Directed by Nate Gunn
Director of Photography: Nate Sorensen
Photography: Blake Hansen
Edit by Nate Gunn
Voice Over: Nate Leavitt
Anglers: Nate Leavitt & Spencer Higa