Drone Captures Tailing Redfish in Charleston

Our buddies at Spotting Tails Charters have filmed this incredible close up look at some tailing redfish in South Carolina. Amazing that the fish aren’t spooked by the drone, even when it starts making the water choppy. Nice work from Lawson Builder and Paul Puckett. We’ve been waiting for someone to use that song!

If you’re ever in Charleston, book a trip with Spotting Tails. You won’t be disappointed.

“Spotting Tails is an inshore fly fishing and light tackle charter operating from Charleston to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. One of the most immersive ways to enjoy the Low Country is on the water and you can make it even better with a rod in your hand. Whether sightcasting to redfish bellycrawling across a flat, watching trout hit top water at first light, or fighting a monster shark, fishing here can quickly become addicting. My greatest passion is sight casting to redfish, it is a rush like no other when you watch a fish turn to inhale a fly or lure.

Seasonally sharks, seatrout, blackdrum, sheepshead, cobia, and more are targeted. Spotting Tails Charters is catch and release whenever possible to maintain our wondeful fishery!

Whether you are an avid fly fisherman or a newcomer to saltwater fishing looking for a unique experience in the Low Country, you’ve found the right place. Beyond catching fish, my greatest passion is having the opportunity to further my guests skills as an angler. When people take something new from our time together, I believe that is the greatest success.”

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