Bahamas Bonefish Regulations Update from Gink & Gasoline

For a few years now, the angling community has been concerned by the seemingly constant state of change in the Bahamian government’s policy towards recreational fishing. The Bahamas hosts one of the world’s best bonefish habitats, and it’s proximity to the US makes it one of the most popular destinations to chase the ghost of the flats. At this years ICAST fishing show in Orlando, the Bahamian government finally put the issue to rest… read the full report from Justin Pickett at Gink & Gasoline.

“The conference room just outside of the walls of ICAST and IFTD is buzzing with chatter and anticipation of the coming announcement to be made by Rena Glinton, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Marine and Fisheries of the Bahamas. Over the past several months, numerous guides, lodges, members of the press, conservationist groups, and the everyday angler have been hearing, reading, writing, and talking about several newly proposed regulations that have been tossed around. While some of these suggested regulations have been sensible, there were some circulating that seemed downright detrimental to those that depend on fishing within Bahamian waters. Talk of outlawing DIY anglers, removing non-Bahamian owned lodges, and only allowing native Bahamians to guide clients are just examples of some of the ideas that have come down the pipe. To say the least, this has had the fly angling world up at arms trying to make sense of it all…..”

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