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Down in South Carolina, there’s a company called Flood Tide Co. that’s been putting together an awesome collection of original clothing and artwork. A couple of their unique designs really caught our attention, so we decided to take a closer look.

Flood Tide Co. is run by a group of hardcore fly fishermen who specialize in flats fishing inspired designs, taken largely from their experiences chasing redfish in the shallow waters around South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. Flood Tide Co. was started by artist Paul Puckett and really took off when he moved to Charleston to focus on growing the company with his friend Will Abbott. While in South Carolina, the pair encountered Doug Roland – an accomplished redfisherman who enjoyed catching fish just as much as he enjoyed filming a day on the water. His blog “The Lowcountry Journal” joined forces with Flood Tide Co, and a great fishing website was born.

These guys have a pretty good outlook on life and it comes through in their products, which wear well on the saltwater fishing bum and anyone else who likes to fish. We spoke to artist and co-owner Paul Puckett to get a little more info about this cool company.

What makes Flood Tide Co’s clothing unique?

I think the most unique aspect is that it was born out of the artwork. Whether its an interesting illustration based piece or a more painterly piece, it speaks for itself and speaks to the person wearing it. It’s also a huge advantage to be able to come up with an idea over lunch and have the design done 2 hours later and shirts in hand a few days later.

Flood Tide Co - Cruising Red T-Shirt
Cruising Red Shirt $21

What drives you all as a company?

To be unique and different. Not do exactly the same things that other companies would do. We want to stand out and make products that the guys here in the office would wear themselves and think that translates well to people who already wear our stuff and to those that have yet to know about us.

Good Clean Livin' Trucker Hat
Good Clean Livin’ Trucker Hat $26

How is your home water reflected in the products you make?

We are in Charleston, SC, so naturally we tend to do a few shirts with Redfish subject matter. Most of us in the office come from a freshwater background, so the salt side is more new and exciting. It offers a bigger challenge and I think thats what makes it exciting and we hope that comes across in the designs. Flood Tide Co is just the name, but we love all kinds of fishing and plan on making that more present in products yet to be seen!

Some of our favorite stuff from Flood Tide Co:

Eruption Sunshirt $48
Eruption Sunshirt $48

Grateful Red 3/4 Sleeve Raglan Shirt $34
Grateful Red 3/4 Sleeve Raglan Shirt $34

El Toro Rojo Box Sticker - $8
El Toro Rojo Box Sticker – $8

The Walter 2.0 Triblend $30
The Walter 2.0 Triblend $30

It’s a way of life
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