Arabian Fly Sport Fishing: Meet Clare Carter

Clare Carter is a British fly fishing guide who owns and operates Arabian Sport Fly Fishing in Oman with her husband Brandon King. We sat down with her to learn more about the fishing in Oman and how she got into it.

When did you start fishing?

I started fishing when I was 4 years old, my dad and I would practice casting on the front lawn in the summer time. Then every Saturday we would go down to fish the Test river, I had one corner that was my favourite spot and I used to spend hours fishing it on my own.

What is your favourite thing about running your own fishing business?

My favourite part is seeing happy clients and hearing about their day and the dream fish they have caught. I also love that I am finally in a business where I am selling a service that I believe in and that people actually want and really enjoy, unlike my old job in the city which was just miserable.

How did you end up in Oman?

My husband Brandon and I looked at many places around the world to start our business. We wanted somewhere that was easily accessible to clients, undiscovered commercially on fly, with exceptional fishing and that we could build a life and family, Oman ticked all those boxes!

What is your favourite species to target and why?

That’s a really tough one….I think it’s a toss up between 2…Permit from shore because they require tactics, speed and patience and GT’s because they are aggressive bullies that test your strength and stamina.

What do you think is the biggest problem facing fish populations?

Pollution/Plastic and gill nets/illegal fishing. No matter where I go or how remote it is there are always bits of plastic washed up on the beaches or floating in the water, it makes me so angry, especially when its obvious that someone has just carelessly thrown it overboard! We spend a lot of time in our off season clearing up some of our favourite beaches and removing rubbish at various campsites.

Tell us about one of your stranger days on the water.

I wouldn’t say any day is strange, every day is unique and every trip gives me the chance to see and experience new things be it a new species, technique, piece of information. Although explaining to a non fisher person why I like to be waist deep in water all day playing with fish does seem strange to them I guess hahaha.

What is your go-to fly when nothing else is working?

Anything Pink, it’s my lucky colour and always works! The whole pink thing started off as a joke but it seems to have bought me luck everywhere I fish!

It’s July right now. If you could take a client anywhere in the next month, where would it be?

It’s the Khareef (Monsoon season) in Oman so I would have to say the east coast of Mexico. We just returned from the most amazing fishing honeymoon there with fantastic guides, beautiful hotels and epic fishing!

You can fish in a lot of places. Why Oman?

Unlike a lot of destinations no company was actively fly fishing here. I like to think we can offer our clients something new and exciting that hasn’t been available before.

What advice would you offer other fly-fishermen who want to come fish in Oman?

Start booking your trip because there are so many species to target out here.
Just take a look at our website or visit our blog: for more information.

A lot of people look at what you do and think, wow, what a great lifestyle. Should they be jealous?

Well there have been a lot of blood sweat and tears shed setting up our business here. But it has all been worth it in the end so I would say follow your dreams and don’t ever give up until you have succeeded in doing something you love.

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