The Memory of Fish

Six years in the making, this film follows Dick Goin, one of the Northwest’s most influential conservationists. A former mill worker, he dedicated his life to restoring Washington State’s Elwha River by battling for the biggest dam removal project in U.S. history. The success of this removal connects rivers, forests, and ocean communities – coast to coast. In 2011, dam removal began and the Elwha River ran free by 2014.

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Today, dam removal across the country is being fought for in an attempt restore broken rivers. While Goin’s goal was simple— bring the salmon home— his passion stemmed from a relationship he forged with the salmon after living off the coastline with his family, running from the Dust Bowl. His detailed fishing journals of Pacific salmon, which he began in the 1950s, serve as baseline data for the river and show the impact of the dams.

Catch the full length film at the Woods Hole Film Festival in Cape Cod on August 5th. For more info on the project, check out