Photo of the Day: Amago Trout

The amago trout is one of Japan’s most prized trout, next to the yamame trout. The amago is found in western Japan, and is identifiable by it’s red and black spots. The yamame trout only has black spots. Both trout are referred to outside of Japan as “cherry salmon”, because the sea run populations return to the rivers at the same time as Japan’s famous cherry tree blossom.

Amagos have both sea run populations and resident stream dwelling populations that are most commonly fished for using the tenkara method of fly fishing. Most populations of amago trout prefer high mountain creeks for the cold water and tend to remain near the surface of a pool. They grow quickly in their first year, reaching 7 inches or so. Growth slows down drastically after that, and the amagos reach sexual maturity at the age of 2 or 3.

Photo by @tenkaraholic