Gear Review: RepYourWater Big Sky Shirt

When RepYourWater came out with the Big Sky Performance shirt, we decided we had to try it out. And what better place to give it a whirl than the Big Sky state itself? Although I have to admit, I was a little hesitant at first. I wasn’t sure what I could possibly write about it… a shirt is a shirt right? I pulled it on and headed out to the Lower Madison, about 30 minutes from Bozeman. It was a hot day and I had considered wet wading, but people talk about snakes and poison ivy way too much in Montana. I slung on my lanyard and pulled on my waders, already feeling the heat as I laced up the boots and strung up my rod.


It was our first day in Bozeman, and we had skipped out of work a little early even though there probably wouldn’t be much action until later on in the evening. One of the local fly shops had recommended crayfish with a nymph dropper, a setup that produced a few fish for us during that hot afternoon time of day when you can dredge a few up with a nymph.


I’ve never much been one for performance gear, usually opting for the almost uniform flannel shirt or a cotton t-shirt. My buddy had on a flannel and was pouring with sweat on one of those typical Montana summer afternoons, where you’d rather jump in the river than throw a line across it. I’m not joking when I say that I was barely sweating at all in the Big Sky Performance Shirt. I usually wash anything before I wear it, but this shirt had come right out of the box and felt amazing against my skin. It is breathable and moisture-wicking, two words I wasn’t really sure I had previously understood the meaning of. I turned to my buddy who was wiping his brow under a removed hat. “Damn dude, I could really get into this gear review thing”.

RepYourWater Big Sky Performance Shirt

At an affordable $50 for a performance shirt, you get a product designed, woven, printed and assembled entirely in the USA. It blocks 95% of UV radiation, boasts a tri-blend performance fabric, and is stitched with flat lock seams, making it extremely durable.

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