Gear Review: Loon Tippet Stack & Rigging Foams

Loon tippet stack and rigging foam

Sometimes with fishing gear we overlook the smaller, less exciting, things we could do to improve our time out on the water. We might invest in an expensive new rod or waders but then get to the water totally unprepared for the little snags and gotchas that make fishing what it is.

In my case, that’s included overlooking a standalone tippet stack and rigging foams. So, this past weekend I took Loon’s setup out for a spin to see what I’ve been missing. This is not technology that will blow your mind, but it will absolutely save you time when it matters most. On this particular day there was strong wind and unpredictable water conditions to contend with. I wanted to be ready to drop several different nymph setups or throw dry flies depending on how conditions developed. The rigging foams allowed me to pre-tie several combinations to try throughout the day and gave me quick recourse after making a fine piece of tangled art out of my flies in the wind.

The tippet stack is build very simply and solidly. The velcro strap connection on the back provides a great alternative to the carabiner connection. With the strap you can anchor the stack directly to a belt, backpack strap, waders, drift boat, etc… It can hold up to 5 tippet spools or rigging foams which are sized similarly.

Loon tippet stack and rigging foam

At $15.95 for the stack and $6.95 for a pack of rigging foams, it’s hard to think of a more cost-effective way to improve your day to day experience on the water fishing if you don’t already have these.

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