4 Fishing Trips Around Manhattan

It is prime time to go fishing in the waters around Manhattan, which are teeming with striped bass and blue fish at the moment. The fish are on their annual migration north and are ready to eat! If saltwater isn’t your thing, there are multiple freshwater options right around the city.


Kayak Fishing


Elias Vaisberg has been fishing NYC waters for over ten years and kayak fishing for over eight. He fishes on a Hobie Outback and knows all the hot spots in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the City Island areas. He is a world champion kayak fisherman and is guaranteed to put you on fish. One of our guys went out with him and in November and had a blast. Check out the article here.

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Fly Fish the Farmington


The Farmington River is just a short drive from Manhattan and is a fantastic trout fishery.

Amberjack’s Steve Hogan is a local angler and guide who specializes in fishing the Farmington River and its trophy waters. In addition to guiding the upper end of the river Steve has spent many years fishing the lower Collinsville/Unionville section of the Farmington and can provide intimate knowledge of how to fish in its challenging waters.

Fly Fish the Farmington


Charter Boats


Standard fishing charters give you the mobility to change spots easily and will usually put you on fish no matter what. If the striper bite isn’t on, your captain will surely know a wreck or other¬†structure where you’ll be able to catch porgie, rock bass, and flounder no problem! Private charters will also give you the ability to motor out deep into the canyon and fish for tuna and swordfish. These trips take longer, but are an amazing fishing experience.

Outcast Charters


Party Boat Fishing


If you’re relatively new to fishing or aren’t looking to spend that much money, a party boat can be a great way to get a line wet and save a few bucks. There are multiple fishing boats that dock in the various harbors around the 5 boroughs, and we have most of them listed here on Amberjack. Don’t have the right gear? No problem. Party boats have tons of gear for you to borrow.

NYC Party Boat Option

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