Meet the Triggerfish

The triggerfish is a peculiar creature that can be found in tropical and subtropical waters all over the world, but are most heavily concentrated in the Indo-Pacific waters. They are generally oval-shaped, but they’re most remarkable feature is without a doubt their teeth, which are heavily adapted for eating crustaceans and spiny creatures.

Triggerfish are known in the diving community as being extremely aggressive when it comes to protecting their territory, especially in the days surrounding a spawn. It is not unheard of for divers or fishermen to get bitten by the triggerfish’s eerie teeth, which can cause some serious damage. A male will establish his territory before spawning begins, and then proceed to mate with any of the females that come across his space. The red-toothed triggerfish will mate with as many as 10 females in one day.

For anglers, the triggerfish is an extremely high prize. They are as picky as a permit and spook probably more easily. Any angler who has been lucky enough to chase a trigger will say that they can be an extremely addictive and frustrating fish to pursue.


Cover image by @jtklugphotography