WTF is a Tiger Trout?

Fly Shop Co. - Blue Ridge, GA
Fly Shop Co. - Blue Ridge, GA

Well, it’s a mix between a brown trout and a brook trout. But let’s get a little deeper and then look at some cool tiger trout pictures.

A vast majority of the tiger trout we see were born in hatcheries. They are bred by combining brook trout milt and brown trout eggs, and then heat shocking the fertilized eggs. The heat shocking improves survival rates from 5% to 85%. Brook trout have 84 chromosomes, while brown trout have 80. The difference in chromosome counts is what makes tiger trout so rare in the wild.

Tiger trout have been a useful tool in dealing with invasive species. They are incapable of reproduction and are known to prefer a fish heavy diet. Many anglers swear that tiger trout grow faster and are meaner than other types of trout.

OK, lets look at some pictures.





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  • Garry Helpingstine says:

    I believe it would be kind of tough to combine Brookie trout smolt with Brown trout eggs and get anything other than a well fed Brook trout smolt. Might be in need of a little fish sex ed.

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