World Fishing Report: Migrations, Hatches, & Runs

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The angling world is full of special moments, like the Green Drake hatch in the Northeast or the big mullet migration along South Africa’s coast. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of these natural phenomena. We’ve been hearing a lot of cool stuff from our outfitters, so we’ve put together a couple highlights to let you know where you should be right now, and more importantly where you could be next week.

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Stripers Moving North on the East Coast

After a long and fishless winter, all the East Coast striper bums are starting to get excited. The mild temperatures this winter are causing the stripers and bluefish to begin their northern migration a little early this year. The schoolies are already up north, and some of the big stripers in the 30+ pound range are moving into the waters around New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. As the waters get warmer and warmer, we will start to see big numbers of stripers coming into the Northeast.

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Follow along the striper migration with this map.


Tarpon Migration in the Florida Keys

One of the premiere events of the saltwater fisherman’s calendar, the annual tarpon migration is an epic sight to behold and provides the best fishing for these mirror-scaled beasts. The silver king season runs from mid March to June, with the peak being RIGHT NOW, from mid April to mid May. The tarpon tend to school up at this time of year, creating big migration lines that bring to mind wildebeest on an African plane. It is not uncommon to be casting towards a couple hundred tarpon at one time. The typical Florida tarpon is between 50 and 150 pounds, and can reach up to 250! If you’ve never been to Florida for the tarpon migration, now is the time to explore some of your fishing options. Not to mention there will be plenty of permit, bonefish, and snook to keep you entertained (and get you that Grand Slam maybe?).


Spring Steelhead Run is on in British Columbia

British Columbia has the world’s best steelhead fishing, and right now is the time to be there. The spring steelhead run is in full swing right now, and is actually happening a little earlier than usual due to higher water temperatures. Spring steelhead runs tend to follow each other north, with steelhead choosing to re-enter the river when the water reaches a certain temperature. While the more southern runs have begun to die down, the water is just reaching the right temperature in northern BC.

Also, the summer king salmon run is juuuuust beginning and will pick up steadily over the coming weeks. If you like drag-melting 50 pound chinooks, now is the time to book a trip to BC. Oh yeah, and the $USD is 1.5x the CAD right now – so if you’re American it’s like 30% off to fish in Canada.

British Columbia fishing options.


Mother’s Day Caddis Hatch in Montana

The first major dry fly hatch of the year is the Mother’s Day caddis hatch, which happens – you guessed it – right around Mother’s Day (May 8). Fly fishermen in Montana wait for this natural phenomenon all winter, and when it finally comes in the spring it does not disappoint. The caddis hatch varies from day to day on Montana’s rivers, so if you’re planning on hitting the hatch at the perfect time, be sure to book yourself a couple days and talk to your guide ahead of time.

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