Photo of the Day

This badass picture, from The Fly Fishing Nation, is one of the best shots we’ve seen in a while. The featured fish is the golden dorado, a meat-eater only found deep in the rainforests of South America. The name “Dorado” comes from the Spanish word for gold. These fish strike hard and fight like crazy. Their teeth are so sharp you have to use a wire leader to catch one. They are also cannibalistic, and it’s not uncommon to hear stories of a bigger dorado eating the fish that you’re fighting. The dorado is known for its tendency to jump repeatedly as it tries to throw the hook. It is a prized gamefish and well known throughout the region for it’s good taste.

The golden dorado can also get up to some serious size. The average fish is between 7 and 20 pounds, but the largest ever recorded was a whopping 69 pounds!

Watch the Provo Brothers explore the Bolivian jungle, searching for and catching wild golden dorado. And then they go skiing too!