Jimmy Kimmel Loves Fly Fishing

We’ve known for a while that Jimmy Kimmel likes to fly fish. I remember seeing him on Tom Brokaw’s show Buccaneers & Bones, where Brokaw invites people to fish for bonefish in the Caribbean. But I didn’t realize how much he likes to fly fish.

This past December, Jimmy Kimmel took a fly fishing trip to the Gallatin River in Montana with celebrity chef friends Chris Bianco and Adam Perry Lang. Jimmy caught the fishing bug 9 years ago, when a friend invited him to fish near Big Sky in Montana. Now, every vacation the late night host takes has something to do with fly fishing.

“Most people think fly-fishing is very complicated, and it’s not something that they want to try,” Kimmel says in the article from Robb Report. “It’s not particularly complicated, and you can become proficient at it pretty quickly if you’re interested in it. When you do get an idea that you might want to go out in a river and put on this unusual costume and try out this rod and reel that is not the one that your grandpa taught you to use, you watch a movie called A River Runs Through It; and when you see it, you’re entranced. It’s a beautiful film. The fishing scenes are really something very special. I love the book, too, and just seeing the towns that are mentioned in that book on the local maps is exciting and fun. But to fish in the river where that movie was shot is a very special thing.”

His wife says that Jimmy, like the rest of us, can’t pass a body of water without wondering if there is fish in it. “Every time we’ve ever gone past any body of water, he’s like a dog with his nose out the window. He always wishes that he was fishing. He’ll be there mentally sometimes, where we’ll be talking and his arm will just go up, and he’ll be doing the casting motion and he won’t even realize that he’s doing it.”

Read the full article on Robb Report about Jimmy’s trip to the Gallatin, or book your own Montana adventure here.

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Photos by Jeff Lipsky/ Robb Report