CHROME: Save the Steelhead

CHROME, the new film from Conservation Hawks, celebrates the joy and passion of fly fishing for steelhead while educating anglers on the looming threats of climate change and ocean acidification. The movie, which features Tom Rosenbauer, Dylan Tomine, Hannah Belford, Kate Taylor, Tim Romano and Todd Tanner, focuses on our responsibility to protect cold, clean waters, and to stand up for future generations. There is also a fair amount of fish porn to be seen here.

Increased levels of carbon in the ocean causes the water to acidify, which diminishes the amount of natural food sources available to steelhead during their time at sea. The acidification wears away at mollusk shells and coral reefs, which steelhead rely heavily upon to stock up on nutrients before re-entering the river. If the government continues to prioritize economic interests over the conservation of valuable natural resources, it is very possible that we will soon live in a world without wild steelhead. It is up to anglers and people who care about steelhead to let it be known that these natural resources are important to us.

In the words of the crew who made this film “If we’re reading the sacred texts correctly, everyone who watches CHROME and then signs the “Save Our Steelhead” petition at the very end is guaranteed to spend a blissful eternity with 72 fly fishing virgins. (Sadly, it’s not exactly clear how many of those virgins will be under 60, or how many will have beards.)”

Sign the petition to save wild steelhead here.