Milkfish: Your New Target Species

The guys from Capt. Jack Films have given us a new species to target on the fly. Milkfish, which are often overlooked as a typical gamefish, are known to fight hard and jump often. They are found mostly in the Pacific and Indian oceans and were originally caught “by accident” on trips based around Giant Trevally, until people realized their potential as a sportfish.

This film documents the pioneering efforts of those who figured out how to catch the elusive (and vegetarian) milkfish. In their words:

“Nearly three hundred miles southeast of Mahé, Seychelles lies far-flung Alphonse Island and adjacent to it, St. François Lagoon. This is remote, even for the Indian Ocean. Alphonse, one of the famed saltwater destinations of the planet, is by most accounts home to the most prolific bonefish fishery in the world.

In addition to abundant bonefish (ranging in size from 3 to 8 pounds) there are three species of triggerfish, five species of trevally and a plethora of other flats and offshore species. Perhaps the most challenging fish to catch is the fabled milkfish, a turbo-charged algae eater growing to 40 pounds. It is therefore no surprise that the Alphonse Guide Team have not only caught these amazing and very secretive fish, but also pioneered the techniques which have allowed these vegetarian and notoriously difficult fish to be caught. It’s hard to accurately describe the sheer speed, breathtaking acrobatics and technical prowess needed to convert a fly cast to a connection with this greatly unknown species.”