History is a Path to the Future: April Vokey’s Journey

April embarks on a journey to document the history of North American fly-fishing, but what she finds is that the history is simply a path to the future.

History is doomed to repeat itself, and if we can’t learn from previous mistakes, like overlogging and polluting rivers, we might lose the big steelhead and salmon runs that mean so much to us as anglers and as people. Some of the old-timers in this trailer frame the problem like this “nobody knows what we used to have”.

I’m really excited for this whole series to come out. In the meantime, you can keep yourself entertained on April’s podcast “Anchored“, where she interviews some of fly-fishing’s biggest influencers and most interesting characters.

Also, stay tuned for Amberjack’s interview with April Vokey, coming some time in the next few days.