Giant Trevally on a Flip Flop Fly

Oh my god. This is the coolest and somehow most frightening video we’ve ever seen.

Giant Trevallies have been known to eat birds on the surface, but I’m not sure anyone has ever tried to catch one with a bird fly, much less one they made from a flip flop that washed up on the beach. I’d be scared to even hook into a GT at this point. Look at the amount of force running through that rod! And it’s not even an especially big GT!

The greatest part about this video is that it even exists. This guy was confident enough that his flip flop fly was going to work that he filmed it from start to finish. Simply amazing.

That’s a 1290-4 C.F. Burkheimer Saltwater rod by the way. One of the absolute best in the game.

Video from the guys over at Fish The Swing steelhead fishing in Oregon and Steve Turner. Check them out on Instagram @fishtheswing.