From the Archives: World Record Brown Trout

The current world record for the largest brown trout ever taken on rod and reel belongs to Otwin Kandolf, an Austrian ski shop owner living in New Zealand. Mr. Kandolf, 71 at the time, was fishing Ohau B Canal in the South Island’s Mackenzie Country. These canals are known for producing large trout. Previously in the trip, Mr. Kandolf and his fishing partner had caught a a 17.6 lb brown trout, but that would only be a tiddler compared to the monster that Mr. Kandolf was about to hook into.

In July of 2013, Mr. Kandolf hooked into a 42 pound brown trout using spinning tackle. His fishing partner called out to him that a water rat was coming down the canal. In fact, the water rat was the dorsal fin of this gigantic brown trout that swam straight into the pool that Mr. Kandolf was fishing and promptly ate his lure. At first, Mr. Kandolf believed he was snagged on the bottom, until the bottom started moving. The fish turned and started swimming back up the canal about 100 meters before Mr. Kandolf was able to wrangle the beast into shore and net its’ head using his single handed trout net.

The two anglers then took the trout to the fridge at a local pub, and weren’t able to officially weigh the fish until two weeks later. On unofficial scales, the trout weighed in at 21kg, but came in at 19kg in the final weigh in. The world record brown trout was confirmed a few days later by the IGFA (International Game Fish Association).

The previous record was an 18.82kg (41lb 8oz) trout caught in Lake Michigan.