Possible Muskie Record Caught on the Fly

MUSKIE1113c - COURTESY ROBERT HAWKINS Robert Hawkins, owner of Bob Mitchell's Fly Shop, with the 57-inch muskie he caught on a fly while fishing on Lake Mille Lacs on Monday.

Last week, the potential world record for largest muskie caught on the fly was challenged by Robert Hawkins on Mille Lacs lake in Minnesota. Mr. Hawkins, who had been fishing for four hours without catching anything, owns Bob Mitchell’s Fly Shop in Lake Elmo, Minnesota. The muskie took his homemade fly at a depth of about two feet, and then came almost directly to the boat where another angler was able to quickly net it and bring it on board.

After quickly measuring and weighing the muskie, Mr. Hawkins and his two friends found that the beast was 57 inches in length and estimated at over 50 pounds in weight. The fish was landed on 12-wt. custom fly rod and with wire leader for tippet. The previous fly-fishing record for muskie was a fish that had a length of 51.2 inches, meaning that Mr. Hawkins’ catch would almost certainly be the new record for a fly-caught muskie, if not the biggest muskie ever.

In order for the record to be validated, the fish must be killed and kept. Mr. Hawkins said that killing the fish “was simply out of the question”. Respect.