Essentials of GoPro for Fishing

Here’s a quick low down of the gear you need to up your GoPro game for fishing.

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1. Waterproof Case

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Water is technology’s biggest enemy. I personally lost a GoPro while fishing for tarpon in Florida. Here were it’s last moments…

Most GoPros come with waterproof housing, but if you lost yours buy another here.


2. Floaty Back Door

Also pretty self-explanatory. The floaty backdoor keeps your GoPro from plummeting to the bottom of whatever ocean/lake/river you’re fishing on, plus you can bite into it and hold the camera steady in your mouth while you’re fighting a fish. Just stick on the back door of the GoPro case and you’re good to go. Buy it here.

floaty door


3. Stick Mount

This is the perfect mount for when you need stability. Maybe you want to capture some clips of you and your friends driving to your favorite spot, or follow the fish a little after the release. You’ll need one of these, but don’t buy the expensive one from GoPro. Get this one instead.

pole munt copy


4. Chest Harness

This is the best Point of View angle for fishing. When you have a fish on, you move your head too much to step around rocks, find the net, or just high five your buddy. The chest mount keeps the camera pointed solidly towards the rod and the fish. Buy it here.

Photo by Brandon Palaniuk

Photo by Brandon Palaniuk


5. Tripod Mount

If you have this set up behind you, you can grab a quick hero shot of you and your fish without keeping the fish out of the water too long. This is also good for time lapse shots of running water and sunsets. Buy it here.

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6. Handlebar/ Seatpost/ Pole Mount

These are a cheap and simple way to attach your GoPro to lots of things. The pole mount will easily attach to spinning rods and give you that close up shot of line screaming out. It also attaches nicely to boat railings or a fallen branch if you forget your stick mount. Buy it here.

Photo from Rustdiver, GoPro User Forums