7 Top Adirondack Streams for Trout Fishing


The Adirondacks offer a surprising variety of fantastic fishing options. For anyone on the East Coast who loves to fish, there are some seriously fishy waters here worth checking out. Let’s have a look at a few of your best bets.


1. East Canada Creek – The southernmost stream in the Adirondacks is stocked by the Hale Creek Fish Hatchery at the beginning of every spring and allows for some decent trout fishing in the spring months. The creek runs mostly along route 29 in Fulton County, stop off anywhere between Johnstown and Dolgeville and you’re sure to find a spot to cast a rod.


2. Sacandaga River – Located just a few miles north of the East Canada Creek, the Sacandaga River is one of the southern Adirondacks most fertile trout hatcheries. With the abundance of trout in the Sacandaga Lake swimming up the river to lay their eggs, the pools become full of brown and brook trout all season long.


3. Schroon River – Schroon River is one of the most popular places to find anglers in all of the northeast. Flowing into the Hudson River and boasting 65 miles of flowing water the stream is stocked with 18,000 fish annually. Fly fisherman should note that the massive caddisfly hatch in the late spring offers an abundance of bait.


4. Salmon River – One of the northernmost bodies of water in the Adirondacks, located just a few miles south of Canada, the Salmon River flows from east to west and is one of the more calm rivers in the state making it great for novice fisherman to get experience catching the rivers variety of trout.


5. Saranac River – Stocked with 30,000 brook and rainbow trout every year in the middle of the river, the Saranac River runs through three counties in northern New York. It is also one of a hand-full of places in the state where one can catch landlocked salmon.


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6. East Ausable River – Though this river’s big brother, the West Ausable River is more popular for fisherman, the east branch offers a larger variety of fish including landlocked salmon, bass, walleye and pike. In addition to trout. The East Ausable River is also considered a great place for fly-fishing. Speak with a local to find out the best places to fish the species you’re looking to catch.


7. West Ausable River – Touted by many as the best fishing stream in New York State if not the entire northeast, West Ausable River boasts some of the highest quantity as well as quality of trout fishing in the Adirondacks. This river, located in the northeastern corner of the state, has a variety of flows from very rough to calm pools and while trout season in NYS generally runs from mid-spring until late-autumn, the area is open year round for fisherman looking to extend their season.


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